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The following are unsolicited comments received via e-mail about

"Nice! Nice! Nice! I love your web site! I will be adding a link to your page from our company's site. Thanks for a much needed service!"
Chris Hoffman. Western Coin Exchange.

"Your page is listed on my own home page, because I think it is the best coin show listing on the internet."
Gary Beedon, Editor.
Numismatic Association of Southern California (NASC)

"Thanks for your service."
John Hume. Charlotte, North Carolina.

"This site knew about the Texas show I was looking for and also about many more shows that I did not know about".
Verne Walrafen, Ozawkie, Kansas.

"Thanks for a very useful site. I let one dealer know of an upcoming St. Louis show as he's about to move there. And I'll be using the site whenever I travel to see what local shows are happening. This is one of those good ideas that should get support!"
Rich Pearlman.

"Nice site. I use it all the time."
Scott Eggimann.

"Thank You, I say thank you because my boyfriend and I having just recently moved into the San Francisco Bay area (and) were unfamiliar with the coin shows around. With your website we were able to find several shows in our area. Thank you again."

"You're doing a great job promoting the hobby!!!"
Bob Caouette, Maine U.S.A.

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